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It’s raining this afternoon; it’s a little humid and there’s not much of a breeze. A foul odor has settled in the lower airs. At first I thought about the stink from the old paper mill which I have not smelled in a while. Then I remembered that they adopted the process of scrubbing the fumes as to eliminate malodorous contamination.

“Whence came this stentch?” I asked myself. Then I remembered the quadrennial election this year. Ahhh. On wings of the media the sour notes of political abscess drift in from Iowa and New Hampshire. I would much rather smell the paper pulp cookoff.

The only halfway decent candidate dropped out today. Though a mere shadow of his father Rand Paul would make such a better President than any of the other trash as to make a comparison pointless. This is my academic observation only. The foolishness concerns me, personally, not at all. Those who are concerned, the television and tattoos crowd, simply would not tolerate a man honestly preaching even a modicum of freedom. Dr. Paul may now return to the Senate where he can at least object on the record to the Imperial advance.

I think the establishment has picked Herr Rubio as their man [SIC]. The masses are split as follows: Trump for the big government loving warmongers; Hillary or Bernie for the other big government loving warmongers. For a picture of how any of these saps will play out as Chief Executive just recall the days of the last four Presidents.

James Ostrowski just posted part three in his short series on progressivism and the GOP. I like his description of the GOP in a nutshell – a shell of a party full of nuts. Reminds one of the Democrats. Some still think the Republicans somehow stand for limited government and a little personal liberty. Then again, some (adults) still believe in Santa Claus.

Outside of factional political fiction important things are happening in America – exciting things!

The government’s military, having killed or crippled so many of our young men, now wants to make young women register for the draft. If successful, then modern feminism and communism will have succeeded in repealing the last barriers of social injustice and in destroying the last vestiges of sanity in the smoldering remains of Columbia. Talk about progressive!

I can just imagine my little girl telling me, “Daddy! I get to go fight somewhere you’ve never heard of so bankers and criminals can make more money!” I can just imagine the cold, empty pain I’d feel. I can just imagine driving a fuel truck down to the local recruiting office. God bless America! Land of the free.

One horrible phenomenon drives another drives another in the land of the flea. Jack Perry does a great job attempting to explain why so many teenagers and young people in our great nation are committing suicide these days. What do you call a culture where death is a seemingly better alternative to daily life? A culture of death? Yeah!

Many younglings, having narrowly escaped the abortionist’s knife, emerge into a world of constant violence, war, sadism, oppression, depression, recession, and shallow stupidity. Many can’t cope. Many die. Have you heard even one of the presidential rats mention this once? Of course not. That would take away time from attacking each other and promising lies they never intend to fulfill. The public seems cool with it so I won’t take this any further. Just something to consider if the TV happens to break and thinking be forced by inconvenient necessity on atrophied minds.


Political hack describes both his brain and his manhood. Google.

If your daughter doesn’t get drafted to make the world safe for moneychangers and if she doesn’t kill herself, then she may find herself in a college class. There she will be instructed in the art of nothingness by some pitiful, hoplophobic moron. Academia used to educate the young on the larger facets of humanity and the universe. Today, in America, they feebly pass on the blittering fears of smaller minds.

A student at a Georgia college was recently forced out of a class by a shrieking idiot instructor because the student was carrying a gun. Professor Wimpy was frightened by the presence of an inanimate object and reacted like a panicked rabbit confronted by a wolf.

Similar cowardly fascists across the country are trying to ban open carry in all places – Starbucks, Kroger, and especially in schools.

It mattered not that the student in Georgia was a police officer and in uniform at the time. What mattered were the teacher’s tiny feelings. The college has since apologized (skirting the matter of the underlying blatant illegality) and welcomed the officer back. If they were honest they would just refund tuitions and close shop. Word has it the instructor has been institutionalized. Home of the brave.

I hope you get more of a chuckle out of all this and less of a shiver. Just because the inmates are running the asylum doesn’t mean we have to go in and join them. That’s really the way it is.