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It has been a minute or two since I reviewed a cigar. Here goes:

Today I stumbled upon the latest incarnation of Nick Perdomo’s masterful Habano blend. I naturally picked a maduro in search of a medium-bodied, flavorful smoke. I found it in grand style. Take a look at this beauty:


The new kid.

It is an update on the older blend. Maybe you have seen the original Habano in your local Humidor.


Old school.

The new sticks are bourbon barrel aged. I must admit my limited pallet is unable to independently discern the difference. Knowing what I know now I, psychosomatically, have noted a slightly richer note or two. Honestly, it is just a very good Cigar.

This smoke has much in common with Perdomo’s legendary, older Habano line. I wonder if they will continue side by side? It also maintains the character of the newer Small Batch and Craft Beer series. By the way, this new development should pair very well with the rich flavors of those delightful Christmas ales which are appearing right now. What great timing if that was in fact the plan.

There’s something about the band and (more remotely) the taste which recalls the old reserve cabinet series of ten or so years ago. Maybe those blissful wonders are due for a comeback.

Do yourself a favor this Christmas season and try the new Habano. You will not regret the choice. It may just be the Happy Little Cigar of the year.