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I could not hang in there long enough to see the Patriots lose in overtime last night. It was in Denver after Gronk hurt his knee. The snow was coming down.

This morning I saw the final score – 24 to 30. I’m actually happy as a Pats fan. Perfect regular seasons don’t portend well for the Super Bowl. The Gronk issue is the bad news, maybe it’s only a game or two.

Then I found another blizzard in the news: “Chinese yuan likely to be added to IMF special basket of currencies.” The IMF is placing the Yuan on par with the Dollar.

China rises as the U.S. declines. This is our international monetary Gronk issue. It may not be a game or two. The games are likely over. The world is hastily seeking out a new reserve currency to replace ours. We, like all empires before us, are overextended.

This may not be the end of our “season” but it is a game changer. The home folks have been feeling the effects of the decline in their wallets for a good while now.

Like it or not our overtime will come to an end. We need to turn now to our collective¬†Gostkowskis and prep for next season. It’s starting to snow.