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This morning’s coffee is struggling to power up my brain. So it is that my daily perusing of the news is a little off, maybe jaded.

For a few sleepy minutes I thought about commenting on this week’s university stupidity. I guess I just did… Missouri is having racial issues of unclear origin. Sad. At Yale, bastion of the vaunted Ivey League, students had difficulty with their own Halloween costumes. Very sad. Officials at Yale, Cornell, Syracuse, Vassar and Oberlin want to destroy Constitutionally protected rights. That may or may not have anything to do with costumes or racism. Pathetic.

I tire extra early this week of the same old American idiocy. You may look at the above links if you care.

Instead! I implore you to watch this cool video! It’s not everyday ones sees a giant alligator at Home Depot.


Channel 2, Houston.

A small, possibly insane woman wrestled down the magnificent 800 pound beast in a Houston suburb. Cue BOC’s Godzilla! With the help of a police officer, a dude(tte?) with a rope, and a forklift, the little lady got the dinosaur off to a new home far away from the annoying Christmas displays, lumber, and toilet parts of modern suburbia.

It’s a reminder that, despite the persnickety, ever offended higher “education” crowd, there are still some real Americans left. That, and some fable-worthy animals.

See you later, alligator!