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These days I watch as little television as possible. With a few (very few) exceptions there just isn’t anything worth seeing. Tonight’s experience is a good example. I passed by the TV after dinner and decided to watch for a minute. A minute was all they got too.


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Paul Ryan, the newly ordained 54th Speaker of the House of Representatives, was interviewed by some lady on Fox News. Young Master Paul was glibly gibbering on about the new direction he was going to head us in. Before I left, disinterested and a little angry, I caught four of his plan points, posed as questions. I’ll paraphrase them as best as I recall:

What are we going to replace Obamacare with?

What new tax system will we develop?

How do we get people off welfare?

How do we get people working?

I have an answer for each of these quandaries; I’ll get to them shortly. First, isn’t this amazing? This Speaker reminds me of the one before, and the one before him, and the one before her, and on and on. These are the same pet issues the GOP has talked about for decades. They’ve done nothing more than talk. I suppose this rote, broken record is entertaining enough for the average voter. A person of substance, looking objectively at what has been done (rather than said), would get the idea the people are being played for fools.

It is clear as a bell the GOP and their Donkey friends intend to keep things just as they are – only the form or name may change slightly. The effects will be the same. “Replace” Obamacare. With what? A “new” tax. Why?

I walked by a minute later and heard Paully say “military” – another Republican pet project we can’t afford. That’s all I heard. I assume he wants to keep it. Maybe make it bigger. And, lordy, it needs regular u$e.

My four answers:

Repeal Obamacare (and Medicaid, Medicare, etc) and replace it with … NOTHING!!! Government’s century-long meddling in healthcare has done nothing but drive prices into orbit. Leave patients and doctors alone.

How about NO TAXES!!! Taxes support governments. The money is always better off in the hands that earned it. Leave people’s money alone.

To end welfare (all of it – farm subsides, bank bailouts, etc), ABOLISH IT!!! If you pay folks not to work, many won’t. The same goes for corporations, bankers and ranchers. Leave the economy alone.

Want people to work? Leave that to them and leave them alone.

I have a military answer too: A MILITIA!!! A militia is just citizens protecting their own. A standing army wastes money and lives invading other nations. Leave the world alone.

There. I solved everything. I could have done it in three words: eliminate the government.