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I just published a story about the sad ending of one of the greatest men’s clothiers in American history. As sad as the end was it was fitting. Modern American men do not need nice clothes. They don’t want to look like gentlemen. They resent class. They are, by and very large, a mass of fat slobs. Our women don’t look much better.

As you may remember from blog posts past I used to be a fattie. With a little self-control and a lot of gym time I transformed myself from a tubby couch potato into a proportionate athlete. Of late I find it difficult to exercise on a regular schedule. Yet and still, by carefully controlling my diet, I maintain a healthy body mass. I only eat what I need. This simple concept escapes most Americans.

Modern Americans are the fattest people in the history of the planet. More than half the populace is overweight, a third are morbidly obese. Adults, children – read the stats I just linked to. Hell, you don’t have to read it, do you?

The other day as I motored about my daily business I saw a bloated whale of a woman waddling across a busy street. Perhaps 400 ponds, more than twice her natural weight, she lumbered forth, oblivious to the world, yapping on her cell phone. Like a fat zombie. I see this everyday, everywhere. I’m sure you must see it also. Pathetic as it is common.

I’m not making fun of fat people. I used to be one of them. I wish they could be healthy, be normal. Else, I wish they would spare the rest of us their repulsive visage. It’s just too much – literally.

Americans are the fattest. We’re also among the dumbest. We have the largest population in prison. We are among the most violent. This is paradoxical. Historically, heavier people were associated with a prosperous and civil society. Our society is overly dumb and overly in economic decline.

Ours is a society in decline by every measure. We are obsessed by the trivial. The important goes unnoticed and unattended. In most American States the highest paid public servant is a college football coach.


Map of the madness.

I love college football. It’s just plain fun. However, it is sad that my team’s coach makes 25 times (roughly) as much as the governor of my state. My taxes support this imbalance, with obvious results. Mediocre football, monopoly subsidized, in a pitiful political environment.

Others notice the disparities too. Small business owners know something is wrong. Something is wrong. It’s what I write about so often here.

There is no political solution. No legal solution. The change must come from us. What will you do? Me, I’m going back to the gym. Back to the ring. Please follow me.

America is number one in all the wrong categories. It’s time for a change.