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Government, as I mentioned the other day, has but one valid purpose – to protect the rights of the free people.  The industry as a whole completely failed this charge about 5,000 years ago and has yet to redeem itself.  Among its many, many illicit purposes is a virtual war against the innocent, including children.

One of the latest American victims in this war is a sixteen year old high school boy from North Carolina (and his 17-year-old girlfriend).  The boy was prosecuted for felony child pornography charges – for possessing naked pictures of … himself.

It seems the young couple engaged in silly behavior – as teenagers will, to include “sexting.”  They exchanged naughty pictures of themselves.  Kids do that sort of thing.  It’s human.  It’s also a technical violation of that god of gods, the law.  The teenage perpetrator, also his own victim, was allowed to plead guilty on lesser charges to avoid the lifelong stigma attached to sex offenders.

This story takes stupidity and malice to levels previously unknown in the civilized world.  How could anyone consider this a crime?  How could this crime be prosecuted?  How could a judge not throw the case out and, furthermore, cite the state for contempt for its bringing?  Why isn’t the courthouse in flames?

I suppose some law and order, puritanical types are rejoicing that another law was upheld and someone was punished for having fun.  These might be the type of modern “conservatives” accustomed to handling rattlesnakes for the Lord in the backwoods somewhere.  I don’t know.  I hope they’re happy.

Happy also are the anything goes, “liberals” one might find in the basement of a San Francisco bathhouse.  They’re happy about another case on the far side of the world wherein the government honored the libertine “customs” of a native people – yet, again, all done at the expense of children.

U.S. soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan, while on break from guarding the CIA’s poppy fields, were instructed to look the other way as our Afghan “allies” engaged in good old fashion child molestation and homosexual rape.  See also: here.

There you have it.  The same government that prosecutes children for non-crimes simultaneously covers up actual crimes against children.  Worse, we’ve been forced to pay those ally rapists friends of ours hundreds of billions of dollars (trillion$???) to help them pursue their Satanic hobbies.

Remember these stories in conjunction the next time you ponder the worth of the state.  I say, ready the…


Google.  See Matthew 18:6.