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I’ve been rambling much recently about the bottomless idiocy of the political set and their supporters among the public.  Today I was reminded of the old electoral saying, “picking the lesser of two evils.”  I changed it about for my title in order to make it more truthful.  Voters today have two nominal choices: filthy, disgusting Democrats and filthy, disgusting Republicans.  After years of studying these two groups the only difference I can see is in their names.

This morning I read more about the nefarious plans of John Boehner (Republican) and Barack Obama (Democrat). These two criminals (different parties, mind you) have discovered there are several jobs left in the U.S. and have crafted a new trade bill designed to stamp out those jobs.  I say designed but I can’t be sure.  The details of the law are secret.  So secret that the bill is currently locked up in the Capital basement.

Allegedly this law would give the President new dictatorial powers over global trade (read: to ship out American jobs and impoverish the nation).  Why on earth does the most powerful man in the world need more power?  And if your Republicans are philosophically at odds with the Democrats, why the mad rush to help them gain that power?

In truth these two groups are one and work solely for their own ends.  You and I are merely their pawns.  Please don’t actively support them and their ever-spreading evil.