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This morning I recived an email from The Second Amendment Foundation, a toothier NRAish organization, for those of you unfamiliar.  You can see the email as a website here: http://smna.conservativecontacts.com/track?t=v&enid=ZWFzPTEmbWlkPTExODA3Jm1zZ2lkPTgzMDAmZGlkPTQwMCZlZGlkPTQwMCZzbj0xNjc4MjMwMCZlaWQ9bG92ZXR0cEBlYXJ0aGxpbmsubmV0JmVlaWQ9bG92ZXR0cEBlYXJ0aGxpbmsubmV0JnVpZD1sb3ZldHRwQGVhcnRobGluay5uZXQmcmlkPTYwMjYxJmVyaWQ9NjAyNjEmZmw9Jm12aWQ9JnRnaWQ9JmV4dHJhPQ==&&&2100&eu=200&&&.  I hope the link works; the site contains a ten question survey, which I decided to turn into a short column.  Read on, friends.

By the way, check out the SAF: http://www.saf.org/.  They produced the video I posted a while back about racism in gun controls.  They do good work on behalf of our freedom.  Sign up for their email updates.

I took the liberty of cutting and pasting the survey whole from the email here, without permission.  I figure they won’t mind as I am promoting them.  Anyway, The questions are “yes” or “no” answerable.  I took the opportunity to show you how I would answer along with further explanation.  Here we go:

QUESTION 1: Do you own a semi-automatic firearm that has a detachable magazine, folding stock, or pistol grip?
I would answer Yes, although all of you know I don’t really own any firearms.  I don’t belive in them…


(Guns, like cigars and tobacco products are very dangerous.  Avoid both…)

QUESTION 2: Do you own a clip or magazine that holds more than ten rounds?
 Again, with the above “truthful…” caveat, I answer Yes.
QUESTION 3: Do you think the Feinstein Gun Ban would reduce gun violence?
 NO!  Gun control has nothing at all to do with ending violence.  Every country which enacts strict gun control (see Britain, Australia, etc.) experiences a dramatic increase in violent crime.  Gun control is about disarming the people so as to make them helpless in the face of tyranny.
QUESTION 4: Do you think you could need more than 10 rounds in a self-defense situation?
 Yes!  Abosolutely!  The other day at the 2A forum at ASU (GRU), someone asked me this question.  I responded with the case of a local gun dealer who was confronted by 4 armed thugs in his shop.  They drove a van through the wall in hopes of a 100% discount on his merchandise.  Fortunately, he was armed with an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine.  It took all 30 rounds to convince the “shoppers” to vacate the premises.  There is no rational reason to limit the capacity of self-defense as the chance of danger is never so limited.
QUESTION 5: Do you oppose all attempts to ban semi-automatic firearms?
 Yes!  I oppose all attempts to ban any firearms – semi-automatic, AUTOMATIC, black-powder, or any other kind.  The free People should have available for their protection any and all means of defending their liberty and their lives.
QUESTION 6: Do you oppose regulations that limit the amount of ammunition you may purchase?
 Yes!  Like the guns themselves, the only limits on the amount of ammunition one purchases should be desire and ability to pay.  I tend to oppose regulations period.
QUESTION 7: Do you believe gun control laws will only hurt law abiding citizens?
 No.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  I think gun control hurts everyone.  Even a convicted felon might find a need for weaponry if attacked in a situation not of his creation.  Gun control only helps ACTIVE criminals – the government, banksters, street thugs, etc.  I don’t want to help any of these types.
QUESTION 8: Would you feel safer if all law-abiding citizens possessed firearms?
 No.  Again, hear me out.  While I support the general right of all qualified, responsible individuals to possess firearms, there are a large number of my fellow citizens I do no trust.  I would not fell safer if every Tom, Dick, and Harry had a gun.  Some of these folks can’t operate automobiles or shopping carts without trouble.  They sure as heck aren’t competent to use weapons.  But, I leave this to them, the Lord, and anyone but the government to sort out.  You and I owning guns makes me safer (you too), regardless of how we feeeeeel.
QUESTION 9: Should laws that protect our self-defense such as the Stand Your Ground Law exist?
 Yes, although the need for such laws is a sad commentary on our society.  The right to self defense is as natural as the laws of phsyics.  We should not need laws to protect the right, though it seems better to have them and not need them than the alternative.  Overall, I would prefer if people stopped committing crimes thus eliminating the need in the first place.  Again, that’s out of my personal power to control.
QUESTION 10: Do you believe the 2nd Amendment was written to protect U.S Citizens against a tyrannical take over?

Yes!  There is no doubt about it.  While hunting, collecting, and sport shooting are all important, as is the right of defense against criminals and dangerous critters, the real purpose of the 2A was to ensure the People would always be able to resist tyranny if necessary.  Thank God we do not face such a situation today.  Such tyranny would only come from a regime that did things like tax our incomes and threaten us with death by drones – unheard of in Amerika.

There you have it!  My answers and views de jure.  Perhaps you have similar or divergent views.  You are entitled to them and, by all means, feel free to list them here in response to mine.  I only ask that, for any opinion you hold, make sure it is the result of reason and not a knee-jerk or parroted position.  Think for yourselves.  Arm yourselves.  Live free and prosper!