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Today I am pleased to welcome the very first advertiser to the Perrin blog – Top Shelf Cigars of Augusta, GA!!  The Top Shelf Ad appears on the left side bar of every page (scroll down a little and you’ll see it).  Just click the Image and you’ll be routed directly to Mr. Wilder’s magical world of fine tobacco!  When I say this business is Perrin Approved, I mean it.  I’m typing this from the comfort of the Top Shelf lounge right now.

Yesterday was the 3rd biggest day ever at the site.  Thank you so very much.  I may never compete with Drudge of CNN but your support is absolutely amazing. 

I stumbled across a few outrageous news stories today while taking a break from some appellate work and professor applications.  It occurred to me to write a column or two, and I may in the future, for now I present the stories as links, below.  Both come from http://lewrockwell.com/, one of the best libertarian sites on the web.

First, Mac Salvo, from http://www.shtfplan.com/ writes about a Florida high school student turned hero who WAS SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR DISARMING A GUNMAN WHO THREATENED TO KILL ANOTHER STUDENT!!!  See: http://lewrockwell.com/slavo/slavo145.html.  This story would be unbelievable if we didn’t all know we live in an insane police state.  This young MAN needs to sue the school board over it’s idiotic decision.  At the very least he should refuse to return to such a F–ked up school.  If there’s any alternative (home schooling, GED, private school) he should take it.  A private school nearby should give him free tuition.  The community needs to rally around this hero and demand the entire school board and anyone involved in this injustice resign immediately.  These thugs should be run out-of-town.  If not, they should be recalled or booted during the next election.  Read the story!

Second, the great Jeff Berwick of http://dollarvigilante.com/ writes about President Sotoro’s plans to further enslave our children.  His article is called The Coming Hunger Gameshttp://lewrockwell.com/berwick/berwick86.1.html.  I was just talking to a friend last night about the Prez’s 2008 comments about wanting a domestic army as strong as the regular army.  We do not need such a force.  We already have DHS purchasing tanks by the 1,000s and ammunition by the 100s of million of rounds and NorthCom stationing regular troops within our borders.  What we really need is State civilian VOLUNTEER militias!  We do not need to sacrifice our children at the altar of satanic government.  The greasy, despicable Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has introduced H.R. 748 for this purpose.  Write your representative and senators and command them to not only defeat this evil, but sanction Rangel for daring to bring it to the House.  Read Jeff’s article.  He advocates taking your children and fleeing the USSA (his business).  I will use a different approach – one from the Hunger Games.  If my beloved daughter is ever drafted for this or any other reason, I will volunteer to take her place.  Then, let the fragging commence!

Enough is enough!  I’m fired up, but for now I have to get back to work.  Take action folks!


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