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The title of this story comes from another stupid and annoying government scheme to beat the daylights out of what little freedom is left in Amerika.  Actually, it’s from a private organization, http://www.dontlie.org/.  They appear to have the support of some gun manufactures and more than a few retail outlets, like Academy (Blowing In The Wind) Sports.  I still suspect government involvement.  This slogan sounds like it should have been rapped (poorly) as part of some  hysterical campaign aimed at Saturday morning, cartoon-watching children in the mid-1980’s. 

don't lie atf

(This clever poster shows what can happen if you lie.  Source: Google Images, atf.gov?  Suspicion justified?)

The stated goal of “Don’t Lie” is to stop “straw purchases” of firearms.  To a degree this is a good idea – thus, it should probably be left to common sense.  Jesus reminded us not to lie, as lies are evil, and to simply tell the truth.  Mathew 5:33-37 (see also Commandment No. 9). 

A straw purchase is where a convicted felon or some other person prohibited by law from buying a gun (an ever-expanding group) pays a “normal” person to buy a gun and then give it to the prohibited person.  The website above has all the horrible statistics about this practice.  For the average person such a crime can carry severe penalties.

You’ve probably heard about the biggest case of straw purchasing in recent history, the BATFE’s Operation Fast and Furious.  The AFT had various agents and other individuals buy guns and then gave those guns to Mexican drug cartels.  When not enough purchases were made the ATF started directly shipping out guns, some fully automatic, along with grenades and other weapons of war.  The stated reason for this criminal activity was to “see what happens.”  A lot happened, including many deaths.  U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by one or more of the subject guns.  I suspect the real reason behind this nonsense was to create a scary sounding situation which could only be remedied by more gun control.  See: http://oversight.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/7-31-12-FF-Part-I-FINAL-REPORT.pdf (Part I of III).

Fast and Furious was a failure (officially and morally) and has faded away to the dark place where projects like Operation Northwoods and MK Ultra go to die.  Those who should have been hanged for treason have been promoted.  All is well, except for the friends and families of the deceased and the Amerikan public.

Considering the most corrupt entity in the USSA and the biggest liar in all of history is government, I wish to pass along a warning in the spirit of “Don’t Lie.”  Guns are the weapons of choice for some murders, although hammers are used to kill more people ever year than rifles.  See: http://nation.foxnews.com/gun-rights/2013/01/03/fbi-more-people-killed-hammers-clubs-each-year-rifles.  Despite the fact that guns save over 2 Million lives every year (see John Lott’s excellent research: http://johnrlott.blogspot.com/), the media and its masters in government tend to focus on highly isolated and infrequent mass murders involving guns.

Recently the politicians have been in a tizzy over a few shootings – one at a school, one at a theater.  I, by no means, trivialize the death of innocents in these and other cases but, statistically speaking, they are distant outliers.  There are also eerie connections here and there that may suggest some of these incidents were false flag operations, as Fast was intended.  The Empire has held hearings in the matter and elected dictators from coast to coast are calling for more civilian disarmament.  Having vanquished the super-sized soda pop from New York City, Mayor Michael Gloomberg has shifted his focus back to eliminating your ability to defend yourself.

Something unusual is happening though.  As the governments of the land call for and implement more freedom control, some gun manufacturers are fighting back.  They are increasingly refusing to sell their wares to the police forces of governments evil enough to ban or control private gun ownership.  See: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/02/15/group-of-second-amendment-supporting-gun-makers-now-refusing-to-sell-arms-to-law-enforcement-in-new-york-and-other-gun-restricting-states/.  Where am I going with all of this, you ask?  It’s about to make sense.

Without access to weapons to arm their mercenary forces, the politicians may become desperate.  Sure, they could give their officers the money for the guns and send them out looking like average, ordinary civilians to make the purchases.  But they can’t!  They’ve banned average, ordinary people from buying guns.  As a result the freedom haters may become extremely desperate.  Here follows a possible scenario which might affect you:

Imagine you’re one of the lucky Americans who still lives in a free state or city (I pray you are).  One evening after work you are walking home enjoying the night air.  You duck down a dark alley to take a shortcut.  Suddenly a scruffy, greasy, shiftless-looking bum of a politician in a trenchcoat comes slithering out of the shadows towards you.  He’s of the desperate variety from New York or D.C. or somewhere.  Instinctively, you assume a fighting stance and drop the safety on your pistol.  But, for once, you are baffled to discover this is a politician who wants to give you money rather than steal it from you.  He offers forth from beneath his smelly, stained coat a paper sack stuffed full of $100 bills.  With all the charm of a diseased wharf rat he tries to entice you to purchase some AR-15s on behalf of his storm-trooper corps. 

Once the shock of the situation wears off you may, for a moment, be sorely tempted to take his money, shoot him, and say he was trying to mug you.  Don’t do it!  For one thing, leave evil to the evil.  And, for God’s sake, do not lie for this slimy degenerate!  Have nothing else to do with him!  Rodent-like beings such as our hypothetical politician are often under investigation for corruption by some larger criminal organization.  Loudly and clearly tell the creep you are not interested in breaking the law on his behalf.  Say it several times in different directions so the FBI’s cameras and microphones record definitively that you are not a participant in his conspiracy.  Then tell the rat where to go and continue on your way.  You may have to take a long shower and burn your clothes as a result of the encounter, but at least you won’t end up in prison like the dude in the above picture. 

Don’t Lie For The Political Guy!