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If you suspected, you were right. Pedo King Epstein, who did not kill himself, but thank God he’s dead anyway, knew more movers and shakers than we’ve been told (and we’ve been told a lot).

Future CIA director William Burns, banker Ariane de Rothschild and an ex-aide to US President Barack Obama are among the noteworthy people who had meetings with financier Jeffrey Epstein after he was publicly registered as a child-sex offender, according to a newly unearthed trove of documents from the late financier.

The previously unpublicized documents, including thousands of pages of emails and schedules from 2013 to 2017, reveal that Epstein booked multiple meetings with such prominent figures as US spy chief William Burns and with Kathryn Ruemmler, a former White House counsel who later became a top lawyer at Goldman Sachs Group, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. All of the encounters were arranged after Epstein served jail time in 2008 for procuring a teenage girl for prostitution in Florida.

Surprise! No, not really surprising, is it?

CIA spokeswoman Tammy Kupperman Thorp told the WSJ that Burns didn’t know anything…

Well, I mean, who really expects the Director of the CIA to know anything? It’s not he’s the Director of the CIA or anything.

It’s deeper and darker than just about anyone can possibly imagine. And, one might have noticed that no one, aside from Epstein’s co-she-pimp, had been prosecuted.

If one would like to read a somewhat similar story, except where the CIA-connected international molesters are hunted down and brutally slaughtered, then I have a suggestion.

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