On a recent drive around the very healthy and thriving, no problems republic, I noticed something that I sometimes notice. It almost looks like there are more people out and about than there used to be. On the roads, milling around various places, etc. Have you ever observed the same? If so, then your eyes are telling the truth. Since I was very young, the US population has increased by two-thirds. Back then, there was a hair over 200 million of us. Now, there are more than 330 million.

The increase has been almost 100% foreign imports and related progeny. Still, for all that, on the whole, everyone is still remarkably well behaved – rants to the contrary aside. Trend-wise, so many of us now live in cities. I noticed that small towns are still small. While urban and commercial corridors are heavily clogged, the back roads are mostly free of traffic.

What does all this suggest? Several things. But today, I’m just stating the obvious. Otherwise, happy weekend.