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If one side can’t fight, then there isn’t much chance of an atomic exchange.

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NSAA), an agency in the Department of Energy, delivered its latest Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan to Congress on Monday.

The Associated Press (AP) pointed out the absence of the deadline for ramping up production of plutonium pits – basic components of thermonuclear weapons – at the historic New Mexico facility. Last year’s report said Los Alamos would be manufacturing 30 pits per year (ppy) by 2026.

The NSAA seeks to produce 80 plutonium pits annually, with the Savannah River Site in South Carolina scheduled to ramp up production to 50 ppy by 2030.

No pits, no boom. This isn’t a bad thing. And the USSA should probably go ahead and give up on nuclear ideas, weapons and power, and concentrate on maintaining running water and petroleum.