Along with hating Americans the evil rulers of the dying US empire fear them.

We and others have written of the prospect of a new civil war in the United States, which seemed a real, if still remote, possibility immediately after Jan. 6. Now it is starting to look less plausible, given the strength shown by the political center in the 2022 midterms and President Joe Biden’s largely effective tenure in the White House.

Yet full-scale civil war is not the only danger. Far-right Americans are highly unlikely to coalesce into a cohesive force that could wage war, but an army is not required to wreak sustained havoc and destabilize the country. In a deeply polarized environment, smaller pockets of armed unrest could easily ignite and spread disorder. The hyperbolic reactions of far-right Republican political figures and media commentators to the Trump indictment signal that they certainly do not believe the MAGA fever among their constituents and consumers has broken.

Civil war is a given. It’s just a matter of when and how. No one knows for sure. The very concerned little hand-wringers had better prepare for more than just right-wing rebellion. And the right probably won’t initiate the thing. There’s no point in trying to overthrow a country that is completely destroying itself as-is. Once things reach the point where a majority of people know it’s all over, then real Americans will activate out of a sense of self preservation.

For a look at what ‘Muricans are thinking [SIC] at present, see this poll by the WSJ. As they say, it’s not (yet) as bad as some think, but it will become worse than they can imagine.