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The fake, gay US military is now actively at war with American parents.

On Nov. 23, 2023, the suit claims, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling used his personal email account to criticize Reading’s Facebook post “in an email to parents and local school staff members, complaining (among other things) that, according to him, Mrs. Reading did not understand that the term ‘polysexual’ means ‘simply an attraction to many genders and identities’ — as if to say that impressionable young children should be acquainted with this bizarre and sexually freighted concept.”

The email was among several obtained in a public records request that was a “prelude to his use of his military email account and position to involve Joint Base personnel, including the Security Commander, Defendant Grimmett, in the censorship of, and retaliation against, Mrs. Reading’s protected speech.”

On Nov. 25, Schilling allegedly sent another email to parents and staffers calling for an “ethics complaint against Mrs. Reading because her Facebook post was supposedly ‘stirring up right wing extremists.'” Two days later, Schilling sent another email saying he was “reaching out to other resources in the area to gather support for this issue,” which the lawsuit surmises is “likely when he began involving military personnel in his vendetta.”

It’s good and well that the mother is suing, but Schilling belongs in jail. His, of course, would be the first ever (to my knowledge) prosecution under the PCA. So, don’t anyone hold his breath. And, for God’s sake, get over the notion that the queer military defends your freedom. They don’t. They’re your enemy. Whatever you do, do not serve them. And homeschool.