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The French ask.

“Let’s get clarity. The vote means clarity,” Aurore Berge, chief of the pro-government MPs, told broadcaster Franceinfo Sunday.

“It’s about one sole question: is the pension reform indispensable or unbearable for the French public?

A prerequisite question: is the French public dispensable to the Clown World elite? In another example of WereWestern “democracy” meaning ramming through pension “reform” without a vote, Emperor Macron wielded his nuclear option in favor of homoglobo’s Camp of the Saints invaders. A follow-up question: can Macron be backed down?

It’s either no confidence or more rioting. If the French let this slide, then they can enjoy their freedom French fries.

UPDATE: Or not. Now a good question might be, would it be better to go ahead and start the inevitable civil war sooner than later?