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The US empire proceeds apace with its illegal occupation and petroleum looting of Syria, feigning outrage that Russia is carefully watching.

The US empire is still ordering Kiev to do the impossible regarding a US base of operations in Crimea – so as to launch the Ziocons dream invasion of Russia.

The US empire is still getting away with genocide as no one will seriously investigate the C19 hoax and crime of aggression.

At the same time, the US empire backs the ICC’s idiotic, false, and pointless arrest warrant for V. Putin. Neither Russia nor the US empire recognize the ICC. While there is no chance Putin (who must not be dying of cancer?) will be apprehended or tried, there is a chance this episode will push the war envelope a little further.

Back in the imperial homeland, a warrant may be executed against the US’s last validly elected president, Donald Trump, possibly as early as Tuesday, on trumped up political charges.

Ain’t no justice like Clown World justice. Make of this what one will.