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The Sludge Report made a mountain out this little molehill in an attempt to stir fear of and hatred against China. A simple reading gives the plain idea that China (and Russia) are creating a sane alternative to the wicked ways of Clown World. It’s a new New World Order, one run by and for the Sovereign Nations and their peoples. This is a dire menace to the rejected Leapers now stranded in the WereWest. Thus, they’re lashing out. It was the globos, in fact, who desired a one world government and order, with 99.99% of us enslaved to them. Pay no attention to these liars, thieves, and murderers when the push “democracy” and all the other buzz words that have lost all meaning.

In the “democratic” WereWest, things like this happen:

The ICC, on behalf of the demons that rule the West, issues an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for defending his nation against Clown World. When, exactly, will they get around to indicting all of the war criminals from Clown World? Never, obviously. And I’m sure Vlad is losing sleep over the warrant.

Hunter Biden, possibly one of the most corrupt men on Earth, is countersuing the computer shop owner he stiffed a few years ago. One would thing Hunter wouldn’t want anything to do with civil discovery, but then again, it’s Clown World.

As the USian banking system collapses, the Pentagram is running in to save tech startups. What business does the military have investing in these companies? Could it be part of an ongoing infiltration of the Clowns’ greatest enemy, the American people?

In France, Emperor Macron unilaterally raised the retirement age. This will allow the French to keep working and paying taxes to support the Camp of the Saints looters taking over the country. Riot harder, Frenchy.

There more. There’s always more.