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The wicked forces that run occupied Ukraine are the exact same as those who conquered America and the West. The fake, malicious Zelensky puppet regime is literally throwing the Orthodox out of their Churches.

Ukraine’s punitive actions against a branch of the Orthodox church linked to Russia are part of a drive to achieve “spiritual independence,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday.

Zelensky and other Ukrainian leaders have accused the long-established Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), itself under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church, of undermining Ukrainian unity and collaborating with Moscow.

Authorities ordered the church last Friday to leave its base in the 980-year-old Pechersk Lavra monastery complex, prompting Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill to ask Pope Francis [SIC] and other religious leaders to help stop the crackdown.

Still standing with anti-Christian Nazis? They literally serve the devil. It occurs to me that this is precisely the kind of attack the Latin Church has been under for centuries. The divisions in the East, some of which I am aware of, including the ruling “state-sanctioned” faction, are similar to if less powerful than those of Luther and Vatican II. A wonderful response to this evil would be a intra-Church cleansing and a Reunification. Hail, Mary, Full of Grace. Punch the devil in the face.