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The Nazis in Washington State are intent on outdoing their counterparts in Floriduh. They’re preparing literal gulags for Whites and Christians. Of course, it’s as illegal as it is evil, but this is post-Western ‘Murica. Here today, the truth is no defense. Just ask the J6 invitees from the Capital operation.

Whites will be free to commit actual terrorism, so long as it is cabal approved – like the “Cop City” violence in Atlanta. I’m surprised anyone was arrested, let alone 23 of them. They will find that the Georgia of 2023 is not the same as Washington or New York – in 2023. By 2027, things will probably change. What isn’t surprising is the arrest of a SDTC (Southern Domestic Terrorism Center) lawyer on terrorism charges. His arrest is different from the railroaded J6 political prisoners because something, something, Big Boi Floyd.

Civil war is not coming. It is here now.