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“School” integration in that odd place between Mexico and Canada has been a smashing success. Now all students, regardless or race, color, etc., etc., have been dumbed down, shackled, and abused to the same ultra-low level. But, as THIS STORY reported way back in 2009, some “racists” have other ideas.

Yes, as shocking as it may sound, then as now, Muslims in the UK (and many others) have no interest in assimilating into Western culture. They go so far as to categorize integration as a sin. Wow! Can you “even”? Thanks be to great Brahma it’s worked so well in the USSA. Amen and awoman.

Read another way, it’s almost like incompatible newcomers have no intention of being part of their new homes and, in fact, want to recreate the societies they came from. Weird.