So worth it! Remember, hard work at a “good” school makes or breaks economic unit spending ability life.

“Professors just don’t care,” he told me.

For decades, campus standards have been plummeting. The hallowed, ivy-draped buildings, the stately quads, the timeless Latin mottos—all that tradition and honor have been slipping away. That’s an old story. Then Covid struck and all bets were off. With college kids doing college from their bedrooms and smartphones, and with the explosion of new technology, cheating became not just easy but practically unavoidable. “Cheating is rampant,” a Princeton senior told me. “Since Covid there’s been an increasing trend toward grade inflation, cheating, and ultimately, academic mediocrity.”

Ultimately, it will be okay as none of these dull-witted, uneducated “students” will be able to find jobs in the shiny new economy of dystopia. They might as well list ChatGPT on their resumes.