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50,000 craven morons allegedly march in favor of their own extermination in Dublin.

Thousands of people at an antiracism march showing solidarity with refugees in Dublin have been told to “celebrate diversity” and “say no to division and a culture of fear created by far-right extremists”.

Organisers of the Ireland for All rally said that as many as 50,000 took part in the march on Saturday afternoon which began at Parnell Square before finishing at the Custom House on the north quays. It was organised in response to recent anti-migrant protests held around the country.

Among the groups which took part in the protest included United Against Racism, MASI, Forsa union, the National Women’s Council and several political parties.

The IRA fought for a century to free Ireland from the heavy-handed yet very similar English. And, now … where are they as their nation is overrun with third-world primitives from the rape-n-loot tribe? In twenty years, the old-timers will beg the Brits to come back – only to discover the Brits are no more. Fight now, or fade tomorrow.