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Scratch a school, find a pedo. Or 600. In one year, the Chicago “schools” had 600 teacher sex complaints, half of them verified.

Internal investigators for Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the third-largest US school district, have substantiated allegations that hundreds of teachers and administrators groomed and sexually assaulted their students, an inspector general’s report has revealed.

More than 600 sexual misconduct complaints were investigated during the 2021-2022 school year, and allegations were found to be valid in about half of those cases, the district’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) said earlier this month in its annual report. The office doubled the number of complaints that it investigated from a year earlier under an initiative to speed up processing of its “extraordinarily high case volume.” The number of new cases opened jumped 38% from the previous year.

The school near you, while perhaps not this bad numerically, has the same problems. This shit makes its way into THE SUBSTITUTE – and more than once. Note the case of the suspect who was acquitted by a jury. Maybe it was the right call. But, as with teachers covering for other teachers, I suspect the idiots in the general public and the jury pools – the very parents of the kids being molested – simply go along with the abuse. Hell, I know they do as they have their children in these grooming centers to begin with. That to is covered in the novel – more than once.

The schools are evil and only evil. Homeschool your kids or have them preyed upon by the lowest scum of the earth.