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If Mark Milley is the best the satanic states can do, and he probably is, then no one on earth should fear the dying empire. Either the man is complicit in lies or he is an idiot. Personally, I don’t think he’s an idiot.

A little less than a year since Moscow began its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has “lost strategically, operationally, and tactically,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley said from Brussels on Tuesday.

“Putin thought he could defeat Ukraine quickly, fracture the NATO alliance, and act with impunity. He was wrong,” the top US general said. “Ukraine remains free, they remain independent. NATO and this coalition has never been stronger, and Russia is now a global pariah. And the world remains inspired by Ukrainian bravery and resilience. In short, Russia has lost — they’ve lost strategically, operationally, and tactically, and they are paying an enormous price on the battlefield.”

This from the commander of a force that could barely run ineffective tactical operations against unarmed peasants – and still lost to them. Forget strategy, logistics, and theater operations; the USSA cannot do those anymore, and hasn’t been able to for decades.

And I thought Putin died of cancer, Russia ran out of everything, and Lil Ze valiantly led the charge to the gates of Moscow already! What the heck?! But for NATO, there wouldn’t have been any need for the SMO. And if not for NATO interference and backing, Russia would have long since rolled over Ukraine. As-is, Russia has never been stronger, Putin has never been more popular, Ukraine’s army is essentially destroyed, the MOD is absolutely deleting NATO’s forces and arms (from the relative comfort and convenience of the Donbass), and half the world has parted ways with the dying US empire (with more to follow). And Milley and other pets of the ziocons keep dancing for peanuts, obviously high on someone’s supply.

In ten years, the odds are that Russia will still look pretty much the way it does now. Ditto for the rest of Sovereign World. In the Westwest of 2033, a liar will be lucky if there’s any way to travel from ruined ‘Murica to ruined Brussels in order to spread more lies.

This is just getting sad.