For all we know, Marvin the Martian may be about to land his flying saucer on the Mall in DC right now! Experts are speaking, people. Experts!

“While we can analyze and explain most of the unidentified flying objects (UFO), there are still some that remain a question mark. It’s a small percentage that I and my colleagues from around the world are trying to solve. What is certain is that the UFO mystery is real, very real, it was with us all this time. We can see it in Renaissance paintings and ancient cave paintings, these strange shapes and beings.”

When asked about what they could want from us humans, Robinson answered: “They have their own agenda, we can’t know for sure, only guess. I can’t assure you that they are coming in peace, because of the UFO abductions that happened around the world.”

Enlightenment art. Cave walls. It’s like Star Trek. So, we’re leaning malevolent today. Regardless of the fake aliens fake intentions, the very real instructions to you will be the same. One assumes that most people will happily fall for whatever is coming. We conspiracy theorists will be standing by for the duplicitous non-apologies of any survivors.