Andrei, after careful and intelligent consideration, is preparing to shutter and archive his blog.

While I did not reply to any comments, I have read them very carefully.  I have also received a lot of emails and, again, I read all of them very carefully.  I also consulted with my family, a few very trusted friends and advisors and I have prayed for God to allow me to discern His will and I have taken the following decisions:

First, I will shut down the blog no later than at the end of February.

Second, for a host of reasons, I cannot transfer the blog to any one person or group of trusted people.  This sounds like a great idea until you look at tons of details and it becomes an impossible one.

Third, yes, I would like to keep the entire archive of the blog available somewhere on the Internet.

While the man is pressed with a few issues, as are we all, the translation is likely that (VERY REAL) war is coming. Plan accordingly.

Best of luck to Andrei, a gentleman and a genius! On the flip side!