This LINK has some cool stuff. The glacier collapse is exciting, but it mirrors the fall of IQs in the former US. See the chart that tracks grad school, college, and HS IQs from the 60s to the 2010s. HS grads of the 60s had almost the same level of intelligence as 2010s college grads. Overall, the downward trend is similar, if not quite a fix with what was described in At Our Wits End. In the case of undergrad college students, there has been a measured fall of over 10 pts, or 2/3rds an SD. It won’t be long since the median will be down a full SD from peak America. This is in no way good, though it was inevitable.

I scheduled this one and then came back to the chart again. While it may be a tad overly optimistic(!), it is bordering on nightmarish. Keep in mind that today college graduates may well average below IQ 100, and it won’t be long at all before HS grads drop below 90. They will, as the best guess of the total average – based on representing the majority of USians, soon take the national average with them. 90, First World, is the magic number not to go below.

Also note that HS teachers are assumed to average around 110. If grad degree holders are already down to 105, and it’s probably lower than that in 2023, then … bad.