Yesterday, I noticed the FPC site was inoperable or inaccessible. I will check today as this might be a fluke. However, I sense it is the inevitable end of a ride that was great while it lasted. If that’s the case, and any FPers happen upon this post, then for further social media-ing, I again recommend Social Galactic or GAB.

It appears the domains for the SPA and for FPN, the site not the Anchor pods, are also out. I do not know, but I would advise archiving any needed articles at the original FP site. I expect it will be renewed, but I just don’t know for sure. FRC is still operational, as a site and as a concern, so far as I am aware. C’est la vie.

For my part, I am happy to have been a part of all things FP from (mid) 2016 – (earliest) 2023. Again, it’s a retirement I will happily consider retirement from should those cards ever come up.


UPDATE: I checked and they’re still out. Probably permanent.

UPDATE: Probably a good idea to back-up any FP or FRC items one might want to hang onto. I have an vast archive of articles in the hopper, but that is where most will likely stay.