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Fake science, malice, and idiocy, gave us the mass maskings. This craze, as I ridiculed it mercilessly back in 2020(!), was, of course, part of the stupid hoax and nothing more. !SCIENCE! even says, now as it did then, and in 1922, the same. But, hey, judge, the mask looks good on you!

Also, due to the slide of civilization and technology, “they” claim 90% of online content will be AI fake in just 2 years. Know that everything here, at this most popular little weblog, is 103% real, madman-generated, authentic hubbub. If the machines edge me out, I’ll be down in the public square, living in a flowerpot and preaching the Good News on the daily.

Also, it’s a very important USian holiday! Even the yankee government sets this day aside to observe the birthday of General Robert E. Lee. Happy birthday, old man! You did you best.