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The Center for Strategic and International Affairs has an exciting new report about the USSA’s great success in war games against China over Taiwan. If I were them, I would just declare victory with this and move on.

As far as it goes, it’s not that bad. The main problem is that, even as they conjure a fake US national security “discourse,” they never can explain exactly what the American people would get – other than many, many dead bodies.

They live in the past and by the last war, as their kind are known to do. They also ignore multiple parts of reality concerning the relative strength of China, Japan, Russia, other countries, and the yankee empire. There solution to the specter of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran acting in concert during such a stupid war is to merely observe that such preparations would “likely” be noticed in advance. They also note that no one interfered in the Middle East, Vietnam, or Korea when the empire won its smashing victories against those powerful nations. In brief, it’s more overestimation of USian capability coupled with underestimation (or, flatly ignoring) the capabilities of other large, modern countries.

They do run a number of decent (if unnecessary and illegal) scenarios which cover many eventualities, from victory to defeat. Some of them do not end very well for the US. They even tally things like lost carrier groups and aircraft. if I recall correctly, the ship loss for the optimum USian “win” would be 4 carrier groups. That’s 20,000 men dead just on the capital ships, so double or even triple it. And that’s a “win.” They mention that so many dead ‘Muricans might be hard to sell back home (not that they care at all). One thing they get absolutely correct is that to engage in such a retarded war, the US would need to produce a whole lot of weapons – some of which are still experimental if they even exist even in concept – real quick like. Oh, yes, they do a good job of ignoring production capacities, logistics, etc. as well. This might be solvable, say in another study, by 3D printing some factories, and staffing them with third-world H1Bs, while sending otherwise employable American men (and women) (if any can be found healthy and intelligent enough to send) off to die for Israel Taiwan.

My favorite part is the “Ragnarok scenario” in which the US fleet is destroyed and the game ends in humiliating defeat. That one is closer to reality that the rest of the report. But a real apocalyptic ending could easily see much of the US reduced to ashen ruins. That might be an even harder sell to the sheeple, who again, are not cared about and will not be consulted.

If you’re in a think tank, then do spend that grant money, but don’t get high on your supply, etc.

A fun read, if you will. It kind of provides a little backdrop for part of tomorrow’s column, which I’m sure you’ll love.