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Hooray! The mighty republic is saved! Muh democracy has speaker again! A few observations from the week of GOP stupidity in the yankee crapital:

Boomers, cons, libertardians, and civnats: silence. If Kongress had failed to operate all year, nothing would have changed. Politics being dead, what the politicians do or do not do is irrelevant. Get over it. It’s over. Your precious gay, satanic, talmudic empire would have kept on being evil.

This silly spectacle is indicative of the hard fact that all things USSA are utterly dysfunctional.

McCarthy is a clown, so he’s perfect for the job.

There is no point in following practical politics in the USSA. The reason most people, especially on the fake right, continue to cheer for this stupidity is 1) they are stupid, and 2) in their weak minds, they think (if that’s possible) if they keep supporting the schemes and play acting that they can bring about a magic political solution to the mess they helped make. That will not work.

Also, if you get another fake president, then John Bolton is the perfect fit.

Deo vindice!