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MOA posted a hilarious compilation of the nonsense out of Kyyyyyyyyyyyyiv.

Typical News Updates From Ukraine

After having run out of missiles, the Russian military today fired another round of them at Ukrainian energy facilities.

Russia fires 120 missiles from air and sea – Ukraine – BBC

An air raid alert has been issued across Ukraine, as a fresh wave of Russian missiles targets major cities.

Presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said more than 120 missiles had been launched at the population and civilian infrastructure.

54 of the 69 missiles were shot down.

Commander: Ukraine shoots down 54 out of 69 missiles fired by Russia – Kyiv Independent

According to Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the chief commander of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the Air Force shot down 54 out of 69 missiles Russia had fired against Ukraine during its eighth mass strike targeting energy infrastructure on Dec. 29.

All missiles targeting Kiev were destroyed.

AFP News Agency @AFP – 10:10 UTC · Dec 29, 2022

#UPDATE Kyiv authorities said Thursday that air defences downed all 16 missiles that targeted the Ukrainian capital as part of a new wave of Russian strikes on the pro-Western country.

Those which came through seriously damaged Kiev’s energy facilities.

Summary: Russia is out of missiles (and defeated). Defeated, zero-missiles Russia launched 120 missiles. 78% of the non-existent missiles were shot down. All missiles fired at Kyyyyyyyyyyiv were shot down. The missiles that were not shot down and hit Kyyyyyyyyiv damaged the grid. See some pics of Kyyyyyyyyiv regime-inflicted damage to residences.

Something tells me there are still retards in the USSA who still believe the lies. After all, some are still wearing masks.