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Richard Reeves wrote a new book. By the AJC review, it appears geared towards creating more problems for America and, especially, for our boys. He proposes holding boys back a year and starting them in the failed schools later than girls.

He understands working parents rely on school as child care and delaying kindergarten would impose a financial burden. Any change to the start of schools must be combined with an investment in quality child care and pre-K classes, he said.

Read it all. He evidently proposes much more of the same sort of wicked idiocy that destroyed the old nation. One thing he does not propose is closing the damned schools. He’s in favor of them, wage-slavery, state supremacy, working moms, and usury. Again, I haven’t read the book, but the review might say enough. All of our many problems are interrelated. And none of them can be fixed by the same kind of people who created them. Addressing one issue (like dead education) will not solve another (like the dead monetary system). But no one should subject a child to the evils of school system. Don’t delay a boy’s entry; absolutely prohibit it. Homeschool. Girls too.