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It’s part of his job to be provocative, but Dmitry Medvedev is a very smart man. So it might be important to heed his prediction for the USSA in 2023:

Medvedev’s prediction for the fall of America
Medvedev’s revelations relating to the US is that civil war will break out in the coming year. He claimed that California and Texas will break apart from the rest of the country and become independent states.

“Texas and Mexico will form an allied state,” he claimed. “Elon Musk’ll win the presidential election in a number of states which, after the new Civil War’s end, will have been given to the GOP.”

Anything is possible and everything has been heating up for a while now. Read the rest of what he looks forward to. Maybe make some kind of preparation.

UPDATE: The Saker has a disturbing habit of being right about this sort of thing.