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I almost forgot that the little drag queen went to DC. Wow, what a show. Really, I was unimpressed. What’s one more satanists in the town that Baal built?

BTW, this is what it looks like when your country is ruled by women and foreigners: https://media.gab.com/cdn-cgi/image/width=875,quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/123/242/754/original/f0f36d473a2c3472.jpeg

And, slowly but surely, more folks are noticing that 2022 changed a few things.

Now, the sheer strength of the dollar, its use under President Joe Biden to enforce sanctions on Russia this year and new technological innovations are together encouraging nations to start chipping away at its hegemony. Treasury officials declined to comment on these developments.

I’m sure 2023 will be much smoother.