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More and more people are literally going crazy. It’s real and it’s really bad. And there are reasons why. One of them is likely due to the fact that we live in a sea of lies and hoaxes. It’s almost as if everything we’ve ever been told, concerning anything of even moderate importance, is a malicious hoax. Petroleum, for example. Oil does not come from dead dinosaurs. It is not limited. It is renewable and, in fact, renewing.

The good Gabbers are aware.

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Now, if some gamma retard asks, you can cite your sources(!) tell him to fuck off.

The ongoing schemes to delude people into a false reality smacks not only of wicked control, but also of a satanic rebellion against God.

It’s time to break with fake.

PS and only semi-OT: Dennis Prager is a fat, wicked, stupid liar.