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This news comes to ‘Muricans all the way from exotic, far away North Carolina. (Damn, she’s getting close). Karl D. explains the obvious about the recent grid attacks in NC. I noticed this story last week and thought it ominous.

Two substations taken out with (presumed) small-arms rifle fire (e.g. bog-standard hunting rifles) from what obviously were a very small group of people, perhaps one or two at each location pissed off about who-knows-what.

Question: Why couldn’t this be immediately fixed?

Answer: They don’t have spares for the parts that were damaged.

If ones has watched, this is what Russia has been doing, writ large, in Ukraine since October. I’ll hazard a guess that the Ukie system is, while different, more advanced and robust than ‘Murica’s antiquated, Christmas-treed hodgepodge. In faggot Amerika, the MSM initially tried to spin the attacks to generate sympathy for … wait for it … tranny pedos. This is how low we’ve allowed ourselves to fall. At least there are some lessons to learn for those still capable.