The USSAF evidently has the paint drying on the $200 zillion racing stripe on the B2. Behold the mighty B-21!

The US Air Force plans to unveil the most advanced aircraft ever created this week, after spending nearly $203 billion on the program.

The B-21 Raider stealth bomber will be unveiled at the Northrop Grumman facility in Palmdale, California, on Friday, December 2.

The bomber was designed to carry out long-range bombing and nuclear missions employing cutting-edge stealth technologies.

Currently, six bombers are being built in Palmdale at about $2 billion per aircraft. They are expected to be flying in 2023.

While I’m sure the MOD is ready now, I’d suggest putting off deployment for another decade so as to triple costs, transgender some more airmynx, and give a few more countries the ability to counter this “cutting-edge” BS.

In not entirely unrelated news, the DOE’s literal satanist, queer, dress-wearing freak of a director of spent nuclear fuel was arrested for stealing a real woman’s purse. It was bad enough he tried to steal her “gender.” Hey! Maybe rename the B21 flying target after Xem?! For diversity and such?