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The AJC reports most ‘Muricans love their children’s indoctro-grooming centers.

Over the past 18 months, a vocal and vigorous collection of community members alleged school districts peddled smut in their libraries, blasphemed U.S. history in their classrooms and incorporated liberal dogma in their policies. They commandeered local school board meetings and warned board members to expect rebellion at the ballot box as parents sought dramatic change.

Turns out most parents prefer a few tweaks to total transformation.

The May primaries, June runoffs and last week’s general election confirmed something that rabid public-school critics won’t admit: Most parents like their public schools. No, parents don’t think their schools are perfect, but they are not in favor of scorched earth reform.

That’s because most adults in the USSA are faithless, uneducated, low-IQ heathens. Tom Ironsides pretty much concluded, at the end of THE SUBSTITUTE, that the “schools” are pretty much what most people want them to be. They may, in fact, even be a little better than most people deserve. However, for good people and their children, these luciferian temples of doom are among the worst forms of child abuse. This is one of the bright dividing lines of post-modernity. There is no tweaking evil.