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Larry Johnson, anticipating the realization of the Ziocons’ dream of that wonderful, GDP-boosting, rules-based war with Russia, found some interesting GAO data about the combat worthiness of the USSA’s collection of antique and/or obsolete aircraft.

GAO examined 49 aircraft and found that only four met their annual mission capable goal in a majority of the years from fiscal years 2011 through 2021. As shown below, 26 aircraft did not meet their annual mission capable goal in any fiscal year. The mission capable rate—the percentage of total time when the aircraft can fly and perform at least one mission—is used to assess the health and readiness of an aircraft fleet.

Closely examine the bar graph he provides. This looks a whole lot like what I’ve been saying on various PPN casts all year about the B-52, B-2, B-1, F-16, F(U)-35, F(off)-22, C-130, and more. The only craft the GAO’s (limited) study found 100% ready for action is the AF’s aging Double Huey. All of this might present mild impediments in a hot war scenario.

I have some suggestions. First, FTX some more money from the block chain to the block heads. Second, paint racing stripes on the B-2 (so as to create the B-21!). Third, radically increase the number and frequency of drag queen performances at base schools and libraries. Fourth, beat chests and holler about how tough we iz. Fifth, drop any remaining standards anywhere found. And finally, ready an extremely large quantity of body bags, Yankee flags, and yellow ribbons.


UPDATE: Remember when Russia totally ran out of everything and had to resort to buying ammo from North Korea? Yeah, even at the Pentagram and Langley, SWJs lie, double down, and project. CNN: “US plans to buy 100,000 rounds of artillery ammo from South Korea for Ukraine.”

UPDATE: More projection: the idiots at the Pentagram keep saying RUS is top heavy with officers. A look at the flag staff of the USN.