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Rejoice! Berlin may soon become the educational Detroit of Europe!

German students in the fourth grade are increasingly worse off in mathematics and German, with the negative trend playing out in every single German state, according to a new study published by the government. However, this drop-off in performance, which has hit its worst levels ever, is most dramatic among children with an immigrant background.

The “IQB Education Trend for 2021,” presented by the Institute for Quality in Education (IQB), shows that more and more elementary school students are failing to achieve even the minimum standards set by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs in German and mathematics, which could have serious consequences not only for Germany’s education system, but also for the country’s future social and economic prospects.

Although the study does not attribute any one cause to the precipitous drop-off in standards, it points to immigration and coronavirus lockdown policies. The study also acknowledges that the worst results are from students with an immigrant background. An astounding 38 percent of all children in elementary schools in Germany have migrant backgrounds, pointing to the massive demographic shift already underway in the country. In cities like Hamburg, the majority of students have a migrant background.

The country’s radical immigration policy in place since 2016 has resulted in millions more migrants in the country, and many of those migrants have either brought their children or had children since they arrived in the country. Proponents of mass immigration once claimed that these new arrivals would be future “specialists,” such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers. However, the reality is that many of them arrived in Germany illiterate even in their own languages. In turn, many of them have children who also suffer from illiteracy.

While this might sound bad, we are assured it is only indicative of the greatest strenff manifesting. Do doctors and engineers really need to read or add? No, of course not, and to suggest the contrary is simply wrong. We are reliably informed that these fine new Germans, much better than the old editions, will radically boost the precious GDP through what is popularly called “magic.”

Deutsche Männer, Sie haben einen schlimmen Notfall in Ihren Händen. Handeln!