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It’s coming, it being another idiotic hoax. They have been prepping the grand revelation for some time now. Vox’s take on an “expert’s” take:

The UFO Disclosure Campaign

Rumors are heating up that the US government is in the process of coming clean on the existence of extraterrestrial life and unidentified flying objects:

Dr. Garry Nolan, an immunologist at Stanford, who recently stepped into the ufological arena after claiming to have analyzed alleged UFO remains. As we reported not long ago, during an interview with Tucker Carlson Today, Dr. Nolan discussed his thoughts on the Unidentified Aerospace-Underwater Phenomena (UAPs) and whether or not the government possesses technology that originated from another planet. In addition, Dr. Nolan discussed his experiences working with the government and analyzing and studying people who came too close to UFOs.

He stated during the interview that individuals involved in the recovery of UFO debris and subsequent secret government programs would soon come forward to reveal what they know, putting an end to one of the biggest cover-ups in modern history.

When you say that the government has been involved in a cover-up, do you think they’ve been hiding it all this time?” Coulthart asked.

“Oh yes. I know it’s a fact because I’ve spoken to important people who are about to come out and whistleblow on it,” Nolan replied.

I’m in slight disagreement with Vox – a dangerous thing – about the exact possible nature of potential alien life. While I am open to the existence, in this vast universe, of unknown living things, I am dubious that any of them are sentient. I’d say the chance of a real race of intelligent aliens is less than 1%. If they exist, and if they are truly advanced, then probably the last thing they want is any contact with the residents of Earth, who they likely would view as violent, retarded savages.

That said, the coming revelation, itself a primer for an artificial “contact,” is just another hoax in a never-ending series of hoaxes. Look at the potential reporting parties: government, “scientists”, and the media – all known liars. And, as Vox notes, whatever ridiculous announcement they’re concocting will only serve to invalidate another long-standing official narrative. Debunking a cover-up necessarily involves a cover-up, another term for deception.

It is my opinion that, strangely in this case, the official narrative of denial is the truth – there are no aliens. The twist, as I perceive it, is that in the near future, after they’ve come clean, they’re going to introduce us to Marvin the Martian.

He’ll look real. Most people will be convinced. How? I have no idea. CGI, a puppet, or some mutant lab creature could be presented to the public, along with convincing video of Marvin’s flying saucer. It will look real. But it won’t be.

The “why” is most important. I suspect old Marv will either come off as a kind, friendly soul who only wants to share his great knowledge with humanity. That, or he will be a murderous fiend intent on taking over. Either way, I suspect the instructions to the people gullible enough to fall for the hoax will be the same. We will be told that to save ourselves or to gain intergalactic wisdom, we will have to disarm, give up money, give up sovereignty, stop living like semi-civilized people, sacrifice our children, and most importantly, give up any and all belief in Jesus Christ.

Most people will fall for it, just as they fell for the C19 hoax and war, the GWOT, and the rest of the lies. They will do as they’re told. Brandon was telling the truth the other day when he babbled that “dark forces that thirst for power” are at work. They are, and they are directly linked to the devil.

I have been predicting this next line of wickedness for a few years now:

Two. For fun, predicting the next hoax:

Mars Attacks! This is just thinking outside the mask (which is dangerous and ineffective), for a second, in anticipation of the next con job. I heard that the US Space Force(!) ran a recruiting ad in an attempt to crew the good Starship Trumperprise, WTF-666 (Braggart-Class Crui$er). Boy, you’ll be glad they did when the mean old Martians finally come calling. No, you won’t ever see one. Nobody you know will either. But, some paid celebrities will claim to have been abducted, only to be rescued by Luke Debtwalker. Parades will be held. Endless TV press conferences. We’ll be admonished to thank our “Heroes of the Helios” for their service. Here, wear this mind-control helmet so the aliens can’t read your thoughts! It was ET bombing those houses, honest. The Death Star took out the housing market. We’ll need the last vestiges of your liberties, please. They probably won’t say “please,” but you get the idea. Most will go along happily – if fearfully.

In the end, the war of the worlds, will just be another battle in the war on Christianity. Please stop falling for this stuff. Stand.