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Andrei Martyanov gets it about the “schools,” in addition to much else.

What is being done with Western education is beyond description–it totally degenerated into a full blown satanism.

Such was the call of Tom Ironsides in THE SUBSTITUTE, which has been revised and improved, and shall be re-released in the Christmas-New Years timeframe from Shotwell:

Towards the end of class, a boy asked Tom a simple and direct question: ‘Why are our schools so bad?’ …

He looked the boy in the eye and without hesitation said, ‘Because they’re run by feminists, queers, and communists.’ … Later, he almost kicked himself: ‘“Feminists, queers, and globalists” would have been more accurate. Or, just “satanists…”’ He let it go.

Tom “let it go,” momentarily due to exhaustion in the heat of battle. Our problem is that we have let it go on far too long.