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This was predicted, with people like me advising those who rely of drugs to stock up in advance of the fall. Fall is here and the shortage has arrived on schedule. By the way, I was generally met with indifference or hostility regarding my advice. Nevertheless, here we go.

A national shortage of Adderall has left patients who rely on the pills for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder scrambling to find alternative treatments and uncertain whether they will be able to refill their medication.

Adderall is used by evil school officials to turn young people, mostly boys, into sluggish drones. It serves very few legitimate purposes. Thus, scarcity is ultimately a good thing, if it leads some users to abandon the dope. The bad news is the side effects, which can and do affect the users and those around them – sometimes in very negative ways. Imagine a nation with millions of people addicted to psychotropic dope who are suddenly unable to get the fix. This has the potential to get ugly.