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If you believe anything the MSM and the FEDGOV are babbling about Russia, Ukraine, Crimean bridges, or anything else, then contact me so I can execute a quit-claim deed on the Kerch Bridge. Cheap.

Instead, read the Saker’s interpretations of these terrible events.

Here we all need to remember terrorist attacks on the school in Beslan, the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow, the Budennovsk hospital, the Domodedovo International Airport or the Saint Petersburg subway.  All of them were the result of actions by so-called “terrorist groups” all of which were (and still are) run by western special services.

There are basically only two ways to defeat such state-sponsored terrorist attacks:

Infiltrate the so-called terrorist groups and infiltrate the western “parent agencies” which run them.

Convince the general public to go into a “high vigilance” mode.

Basically, the entire Russian society needs to go on a “mental war footing” and remain calm and very vigilant at the same time: not only is Russia under attack by Banderite Nazis, but also by the folks who did 9/11, MH17 (and many other!) and these are the folks who unleashed an entire terrorist campaign against Iran which included bombing, assassinations, sabotage, etc.

Then there is the problem of escalation.  The attack on the Crimean Bridge was a clear act of war.

Of course, since no US passports were found conveniently floating in the water, Russia’s response should not be an overt military retaliatory attack.  However, I do expect that something will happen soon, most likely in the Ukraine, but probably involving western personnel/assets/facilities.

Note the previous incidents he mentions and the responsible party(s). I had honestly forgotten about the Beslan school attack, and while I cannot exactly say he’s right about WereWestern influence and responsibility, I can say that, at the time, I had a strange interaction that lends some credibility to the most-likely explanation. One thing is certain, however. Andrei is correct that Russia will sooner or later retaliate in some way. And we’ve been warned repeatedly that the responsible parties will not like what they get. But they’ll deserve it. It’s probably going to be an active and exciting winter.

UPDATE: the responses have started sooner than I thought.