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Here’s a fitting follow-up to yesterday’s column about NYU. Read Michelle Malkin’s new article on the erasure of parents in the post-American US.

It’s happening. It’s been happening. Parents, you are being replaced.

Where? Right under your noses, in your neighborhoods, in your public and private schools, and in your local children’s hospitals.

How? Under the guise of health, safety, compassion, tolerance, diversity, intellectual superiority and, of course, the public good.

Notice that she wrote “your public and private schools.” It’s the whole system that is evil, not one part of it. Also, kindly overlook some of the Goody Two-Shoes civ-nattery. When it comes to dealing with satanists who are literally maiming and killing our children, there really is no place for threatening “violence, intimidation, and physical harm”. A millstone is not a threat. Threats are hollow, usually meaningless words. 1,000-pound rocks are as heavy and as real as the problem they can easily drown in the depths of the sea.

Stop participating in this Tower of Babel, Gomorraic society. Get your kids out of it at whatever cost.