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I wrote about this, and did a show, for the FP gang a while back. But, here is Patrick Armstrong’s three ways to identify and defeat WereWestern fake news misinformation. Pay special attention to No. 3. I might add a fourth: look at outside sources (while applying the same wariness in general).

As an example: the USSA’s Navy has evidently poisoned more Americans. Heard about that from CNN of FOX? No. And when you do, watch out.

Another example – and this has become routine – “Russian army on ‘precipice of collapse,’ say US generals…” Literally everything in that story is bullshit, as evidenced by: the fact they’ve been saying the same thing, without merit, since March; it all ignores strategic reality; it is from (I’m surprised they named them) a bunch of losers who have zero experience fighting or winning modern warfare, and; it only serves the propaganda interests of a dying satanic empire.