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In progress now! Again. On exactly the same pathetic terms as in 2008. Nothing has changed, except by getting worse. Here we go again. Too big to fail, still?

Vox’s breakdown:

The Fed refused to take the bitter medicine that was necessary back in 2008. They bought a lot more time than I would have imagined by kicking the can down the road, and the Covid lockdowns and “emergency spending measures” appear to have given them an additional two years. But now it’s October, historically a month when the debt chickens come home to roost, and two of the world’s biggest banks, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, have managed to get themselves in seriously deep trouble again, because no one ever stops doing what they’re doing when you prevent them from suffering the consequences of their actions.

While both giant banks are too big to be permitted to fail without significant ramifications through their host countries and the demi-global financial system – which now requires the prefix since the BRICSIA nations have their own system – and both are national flagships, the recent destruction of the energy pipelines suggests the hitherto unthinkable possibility that the Fed might not only be willing to let the banks fail, but perhaps even order the Swiss and German governments to refrain from bailing them out in the interest of furthering the Great Reset.

And both current governments are sufficiently corrupt, and sufficiently ignorant of economics, that they might well accept destructive direction from Washington DC on the subject. The fact that the only member of the Swiss Federal Council who has any grasp of economic matters just resigned last week might even be a sign that an unprecedented action – or rather, lack of action – may be in the offing.

This suggests that the next big economics battle will be the nationalization of banks and money vs centralized demi-global banking and a single digital currency for the former West.

Note that the same retarded heathens who moaned and whined about student loan forgiveness will have next to nothing to say if or when the WereWestern governments bail out these evil institutions. Again. The banks should be allowed to fail. hell, they should be forced to fail. And then, to hang from lampposts and trees.

Also note, as Vox does, that the MIR-CIPS sovereign nations are outside this stupid, predicted collapse. They will go on, business and life as normal. But hey, we got us freedom fries, right? That and the rule of literal satanists who really and truly hate us.

Next month, y’all better vote really, really hard.

UPDATE, 10/12/22: More madness:

This is normal. Nothing to see here. Carry on.

Central Bank Liquidity Swap Operations
These swap facilities are designed to improve liquidity conditions in global money markets and to minimize the risk that strains abroad could spread to U.S. markets, by providing foreign central banks with the capacity to deliver U.S. dollar funding to institutions in their jurisdictions. The New York Fed undertakes certain small value transactions from time to time for the purpose of testing operational readiness. The results of the central bank liquidity swap operations and small value exercises of the central bank liquidity swap lines are published on a weekly basis when conducted.

Transfer to Swiss National Bank 10/05/2022 10/06/2022 10/13/2022 7 3.33 3,100,000,000

Now, why would the Federal Reserve be loaning $3.1 billion to the Swiss National Bank? Oh, yeah, I suppose that just might be why.

Credit Suisse Group AG may be facing a capital shortfall of up to 8 billion Swiss francs ($8 billion) in 2024, according to an analysis by Goldman Sachs Group Inc, underscoring the difficulties the troubled lender will face is it approaches what will likely be an extensive restructuring. Given the lender will need to restructure its investment banking operations during a period of “minimal” capital generation, it will face a shortfall of at least 4 billion francs, according to a team of analysts

Again, where are all the squeaking, immoral retards who babbled about “taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for those lazy college kids!” Not that any of this fake, nonexistent garbage “money” will ever be repaid by anyone, but come on. A bailout is a bailout; in this case, as in all the others since 2008, the proceeds go to the most evil and irresponsible thieves, liars, and murderers on the planet. Like Vox noted, nothing to see here.